There are 250 

Value Manifesto editions


How to get one of them?

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Register on our platform and pay a small deposit. Why a deposit? We need to avoid fraud bidding and protect our users. No worries, you will get it back!


You can sell your edition anytime for the displayed real-time price.

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1 Value Manifesto token (of 250)

1 Signed certificate (of 250)

1 Decryptor display (of 250)


After payment, we will collect the token and the display and forward it to you after a technical check-up via courier. 


Enter an offer in Swiss Francs. If a Value Manifesto owner is willling to sell his edition for the offered amount, he can take your offer.

We are selling our 250 units against fairs offers until the last edition is placed in a collection.


If you placed a successful bid which is accepted by an edition owner, an automated invoice will be send to you. 

We will reserve/block the Value Manifesto token for you.