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The Value Mainfesto

…is declaring its own commercial value to be art.


leaves any symbolism behind and concretises its self-purpose on its own trading value.


…is the first crypto-multiple in the history of art.


…is accessible to everyone and can be traded through its own highly secure marketplace without intermediaries and collusion.


…is traded transparently as an non-fungible crypto-multiple on blockchain basis with an edition of 250 units.


…displays its current real-time value in Swiss Francs on handcrafted IoT Nixie decryptors as well as online on your desktop or mobile.


…serves as an interdisciplinary experiment in the pioneering age of blockchain and IoT technologies. The experiments insights shall be used for establishing the presence of blockchain technology in science of art. 


…is a tribute to the progressive principles of 20th-century artistic avant-gardes.

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