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Behind value Manifesto

MatthiasFrank_circular _grey_(600x600 -

Timo Niemeyer (*1983 in Finland) developed the artistic concept of the Value Manifesto since 2015. Timo is art historian with a focus on the art market of the different European Avant-Gardes and art market advisor.  

He worked at leading European galleries, managed a London based private art collection and accompanied the online art platform Artusiast as CEO to an exit to Artnet in 2017. Timo studied Art History, Social Anthropology and Law at the University of Zurich.

Matthias Frank (*1983 in Germany) developed the technical concept of the Value Manifesto. Matthias has a PhD in mechanical engineering. He worked with start-ups and corporates in the area of innovation and digitalization.

Dalibor Farny (*1984 in Czechoslovakia) has a small, but highly motivated team based in Czech Republic. After 6 years of work, they succeeded to bring nixie tubes back from extinction and are now the only manufacturers in the world. Value Manifesto uses his R|Z568M tubes. The name relates to one of the original nixie tubes made back in 60’s – a Z568M. The R in its name means resurrection.

Matthias Gall (*1979 in Germany), Natallia Martchouk  (*1974 in Belarus) and Thijs Reus (*1980 in The Netherlands) are 3 co-founders and managing directors of trimplement GmbH, who provide the Value Manifesto auction system with Ethereum blockchain integration. They met at ClickandBuy, where they worked together as software architects, and then decided to start their own business in 2010. With their long experience in developing online payment systems, trimplement provides software development, consulting and products in the fintech area. One of the products is a whitelabel cryptocurrency trading platform, based on their main enterprise product CoreWallet. They are passionate about multi-disciplinary applications of blockchain technology.

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